Fighting the truth…

Need an off-ice ‘assist’?

You’re Not Alone…

Fighting The Truth was created by a couple of ex-hockey players who have had their fair share of battles on and off the ice.

They recognised a need to provide help and support for young hockey players travelling the same road they did…

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Fighting The Truth wants to provide you with the resources to deal with the battles you might be facing.

Whether that be professional help or just a friendly person to chat with – someone that has ‘walked in your shoes’…

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So many people have stepped up and have been willing to share their story to help others.

Read some of them here.

And take the time to share your story too…

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We are looking for partners…

Can you offer professional help and guidance? Do you have a resource that we should include? Can you help promote our cause?

If so, please get in touch….

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This group is run by volunteers…


Limited Edition T-Shirts For Sale

100% proceeds go to help spread the Fighting The Truth message!