Fighting The Truth

Help Us Raise Mental Health Awareness

And build a world where our youth are safe, strong & valued


Fighting The Truth provide mental health resources to youth and young adults in sport.

We share our experiences in an effort to raise awareness of mental health issues, including depression, alcohol and substance abuse, and sexual abuse.

For those of us who suffer from Mental Health it’s not just for a week or a day, it’s for a Life Time.

We all have a story. Let’s break the Stigma and never feel ashamed or embarrassed by our own story. 

You Are Never Alone.



— We Raise Funds

We organize fund raising events and attend charity events to help us provide mental health resources to our youth.


— We Provide Support

We all have a story. Let’s break the Stigma and never feel ashamed or embarrassed by our own story. We all need to work together to help all of us who are battling the Biggest and Toughest disease that any of us will face in our lifetime.


— We Educate

We can visit your school or club to talk to your youth. Share our stories and help them know it’s okay to talk about how we feel.


— We Build Networks

We are partnered with several organisations who want to help us raise mental health awareness.

Can you offer professional help and guidance? Do you have a resource that we should include? Can you help promote our cause?

If you think you could be one of our partners, please contact us.

Fighting The Truth


Raising awareness is a fundamental way of reaching those who feel so very much alone.

You are not alone despite the dark hole that seems to have slippery sides and an ever-increasing depth.
But thanks to your Facebook page/twitter account, Clara Hughes’ big ride, bell let’s talk, there is help so young people in sports and young people anywhere do not have to remain alone in the silence. Thank you.
Hi Paul!

You just posted on my kids back to school picture. Thanks for the kind  message!
It made me cyber stalk this random guy lol.
I just want to say, thank you for the work that you are doing to shine  a light on youth mental heath. It is a crucially important issue, one  that is near and dear to my heart.
Thank you for all you do!

Enjoy your day

A Brighter Future — for Canada’s Youth

We are visiting schools to educate kids about depression, drugs and suicide. A lot of the younger teens have a general understanding of depression, but they don’t know the warning signs and how to get help. 
We aim to change that!



support us & help work to end the stigma surrounding mental health

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